Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Right, back to it!

Once again, it has been a while!

So whats my excuse?

I was finishing uni, lots of printing and mounting,

I was deap cleaning the house ready to move back home,

I found out my results, yay!

I had talks with Eastboune council about my poster,

Packing and unpacking,

I had a little time to do some of the character sketches you see above,

I went to the YMUNO festival in north Wales........and it didn't rain!

I got a cold,

I exibited at new designers,

I talked to people about commissions,

I took some pictures of bugs (I will upload soon),

I have agreed a price with the council (look out for it in Eastbourne, Brighton, East Croyden and Victoria station),

I have run out of excuses! So now I dont have any more excuses I will focus on my work.......with the odd ice cream and sit on the beach here and there!

Also I know I keep saying my shop will be up soon, but I really mean it this time!


  1. you don't need an excuse. Glad you're back. I like your comeback. Move Out Cleaning.

  2. Awesome! sounds like you had a great time!