Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Poster again!

The same but different! Once again it would be great to have some feedback. It is at times like this you relise how great it is to be in a studio full of people who can give you constructive feedback! I'm home now for easter holidays (really early and long break!) trying to work, which is hard when its so nice outside.


  1. i really like this one as its a lot brighter and feels more like the seaside, but i also like the other one with just the to colours. Its a hard choose, but id go for this one! =]

  2. J'ADORE. Oh my God how bad I j'adore this is insane!

    I prefer the colours on this one, although I also enjoy the simplicity of the other, tho maybe a brighter red on the other could help?

    I don't know if you were looking for feedback on anything but the colours, but I think the concept would have more impact if it was simplified by just having the Eastbourne stuff in the ice cream rather than in the cone as well? Could be a preference thing of course, but I enjoy reading the lighthouse as a flake & then afterwards don't really need the rest, although I also j'adore the planes lol! Typography is beautiful too, awesome work :)

  3. Thanks guys, its really helpful to get some constructive feedback. Hope you are both well :)

  4. hey,
    have to say I absolutely love this 10 fold over the other one. Its just so darn cute >.< my favorite bit is the plane's smoke coming out from the red sauce. Have you tried the sprinkles in a more muted/different colours? Just because I find my attention going straight for the ice-cream instead of picking up all the lovely detail in the cone. :)

  5. j'aime bien. think i prefer this one, looks more summery and beachy. i did like that browny colour against the blue of the other though. looked kinda retro. what if this ones cone was a bit darker? xxxx