Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dolly's Diary

Hello everyone!
Here is the book I have been working on Dolly's Diary. The story is of a brand new camper van who travels around Eastbourne with her new family. On Friday 20th July we had a book signing in Eastbourne by the beach. Cakes, book readings, signings and a bit of bubbly took place in the afternoon. We were lucky enough that the weather was brilliant and the dotto train came past to say hello every hour. On Saturday 21st Clare (the author) and myself had a book signing at Eastbourne Waterstone's. I felt very proud when a family came along with there baby daughter and bought Dolly's Diary and reveled that it was her first ever book!
Info about what the book is about and how the idea came about here
We had our first review recently here.
You can buy Dolly's Diary here and while your there why not play a game of pairs! 

I have just heard that Dolly's Diary has been made the no.1 children's book for Eastbourne Waterstone's!

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