Monday, 8 April 2013

Bens Birthday Book


Hello to you all, and I hope your weather has been as nice as it is here, if a little windy.
A little while ago I was asked by an old school friend to create a birthday book for her nephew Ben. She wanted the book to be about him and his family, a keep sake. 
She wrote the story with her family and I illustrated the pages along side, bound the book and sent it off. 
The last image is Ben reading his book, its great to see something coming to life and the audience it is intended for enjoying it. 


  1. This little book is wonderfull. Love your style

  2. Ben absolutely loves his book! I can't wait till he's a bit older and can start to recognise that it's all about him!! The whole family love it and we would highly recommend Holly and her beautiful drawings! Xx