Monday, 15 August 2011

Character design

Hello everybody, hello new followers, welcome!

So what have I been doing? To be honest not much, I went away for a little while, saw the grandparents. My grandma said she was going to smash my face in and boil my grandpas head! Oh what fun families are!

I have been doing a bit of work for DK, I went to have a meeting with some other people, I had a portfolio work shop with The Bright Group, which was helpful. And yesterday I did some sketches, one of which maybe for a future project!! I was also mentioned on Imagine That blog, check it out...if you want.....but you should....

I hope you are all hunkydorry! :)

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  1. I am new to your blog, and I think your work is fantastic. It is so simple yet so much expression and feeling.