Tuesday, 30 August 2011


A few sketchs put to colour. I'm trying to work on my younger characters, next I will try to sketch a group of children together, which for some reason I haven't really done yet. I hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend. I went to Hever Castle for the first time and its truly beautiful, if you ever get the chance to take a look around the gardens I would highly recomend it :)

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  1. They are great. The consitancy of the original sketch through to final is pefect.

    Hope this isn't cheeky to ask but can I quiz you on how you go from sketch to final?

    This is something I struggle with, sometimes I redraw, but I always seem to loose something. Sometimes I trace, but again I loose the lightness of touch, so I tend to draw straight onto watercolour paper.

    I am about to experiment scanning and then printing the line onto watercolor paper as I have found some that will go through my printer.